Benefits Of Vinyl Flooring: Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Vinyl Flooring

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Vinyl Flooring:


  1. Low Maintenance: The Vinyl Flooring can be cleaned easily by using the damp mop or the floor cleaner to get rid of all the stains. These types of floorings will last for many years if maintained properly.
  2. Water Resistance: These type of floorings are Water resistance and that is why it is ideal to get installed in the humid areas of the houses like the kitchen and the laundry area.
  3. Comfort Underfoot: The Vinyl Flooring offers a great comfort and warmth to the feet during the winter season than the other ceramic tiles.
  4. In-expensive: These type of floorings are less expensive than the real hardwood floorings.
  5. Durability: The vinyl floorings are very durable in nature and will last for almost 20 years if they installed and maintained properly.


  1. Releases Chemicals: During the manufacturing procedure of the vinyl flooring it releases out the hazardous chemical that can cause many serious health issues like asthma , eye allergies and cancer as well.
  2. Non-biodegradable: These type of floorings are not environmental friendly and they cannot be recycled so easily. These type of floorings are non-biodegradable and will not get decomposed naturally.
  3. Discoloration Problem: These type of floorings are not ideal to get installed in the outdoor areas as it can get the discoloration when they comes in contact with the direct sunlight.
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