Benefits Of Acrylic Furniture: Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Acrylic Furniture

The Advantages Of Acrylic Furniture are as follows:
  • Acrylic Is Highly Transparent: The acrylic furniture has a great property that it will not get yellowish with the span of time.
  • UV Resistant: It is UV protected which means it will not get fade or discolor when used outside in shine.
  • Acrylic Is Easy To Maintain: It can be easily cleaned with a cloth damped in a water.

The Disadvantages of Acrylic Furniture are given below:
  • The acrylic furniture being glossy get scratches more easily than the glass which in turn means it needs more care while handling.
  • When acrylic is compared to other synthetics it is less strong and is not suitable for matting.
  • Acrylic Furniture gets very easily stained by grease or oil.
  • Acrylic Furniture has another disadvantage of distortion which means it gets bend easily while construction.
  • Acrylic Furniture is more expensive than glass.
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