Beech Wood Furniture Advantage: Pros And Cons

Beech Wood is regarded as tough, lightweight wood that has the close and straight grain. It has the great ability to withstand the great amount of the stress and this is the reason it is widely used for basketball court flooring.

Beech Wood Furniture Pros and Cons


  • Strong And Heavy: Beechwood is produced from Alps mountain range. It is particularly very strong and heavy fine wood with straight close grains with the smooth and finished surface.
  • Flexible: It is very flexible to use for curved furniture, making it useful for almost everything like the chair, cabinets, cutting boards and so on.
  • Durable: Beech wood is very strong durable hardwood with non-porous. The customer can also craft it for home vessels and other different varieties.
  • Price: Beech wood is usually preferred to use for flooring. It comes at very low affordable price-point and other low cast hardwoods.


  • Outdoor Spaces: Beech wood can not be used at the outdoor spaces. It is not durable when it gets exposed to change in moisture.
  • Cracks: Cracks can easily get appeared on Beech Wood.
  • Tricky To Handle: The beech wood is very hard and heavy, that can make it very tricky to cut and handle.
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