Bathtub Reglazing Problems: 4 Common Problems With Bathtub Reglazing

4 Common Problems With Bathtub Reglazing

Reglazing or refinishing your bathtub is a cost-effective way to repair any scratches, stains, chips, and rust. An accurately reglazed bathtub can look & feel like new & it costs less than buying your new bathtub. With the proper care, a professionally reglazed bathtub can last betwixt 5 to 10 years. The lifespan of the bathtub is near about 30-35 years if you take proper care of it. If you are going to buy bathtub reglazing then you first need to know about its problems. Here are the 4 main reasons for the bathtub reglazing problems:

Quality Of Materials

While the bathtub reglazing is possible with a variety of substances, some can be bad conditions & fail to deliver long-lasting results. Epoxy the mixtures may be low-priced & very easy to apply, but they will not protect against any minor leaks the way that the real glazes will do and over time they can also become yellowish, ruining your coating effect. High-quality materials are more extravagant but will help you avert such problems.

Professional Application

Bathtub reglazing often uses urethane, acrylic, and polyurethane combinations to implement a surface that can resist water, provide the unavoidable grip, and avert long-term bonding problems. Unfortunately, all these mixtures can be very dangerous to inhale and the homeowners customarily cannot install them. You must have to hire professionals to reglaze your bathtub, as they have the proper spraying appliance & safety equipment.


Bathtub reglazing requires several stages of establishment. This augments the time that the reglazing prepare takes & the days that your bathtub can't be used. Acidic etching and the chemical bond preparedness coatings may be needed, adding to your total cost. Shower doors need to be removed, old caulk must be taken out and your entire bathroom must be processed, all the leading to a large amount of extra labor.


Bathtub reglazing can help you continue to use porcelain tubs & other bathroom fixtures that you prefer to keep as part of your home's design. Nonetheless, reglazing is not the same as purchasing an entirely new tub. Your reglazed tub will not last as long as a new one & reglazing cannot avert the continuous degeneration of basic tub materials.
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