Bathtub Drain Pipe Leaking: Step By Step Procedure To Fix Leaking Bathtub Drain

Step By Step Procedure And Items Required To Fix The Leaking Bathtub Drain Pipe

The leak that is inside the drain of the bathtub can easily turn into a disaster if the users won't fix it quickly. The drain of the bathtub gives the path to the water from the shower bathtub or the base to the crosswise pipe of the drain beneath the floor. The water that gets leaked around the drain seal can easily damage the drywall, floor, and furnishing items as well. Luckily the drains of the bathtub can be detached easily by using few tools. Once the users detached the drain then they can easily re-apply the putty to reseal the connection and then restrict the leak. The users can easily fix the leaking bathtub drain pipe at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined step by step procedure:

Materials Required

  • Drain-Removal Tool, Pliers & Screwdriver
  • Replacement Drain & Putty Knife
  • Stiff Brush, Plumber's Putty & Rag


  • Insert The Tool: Start by inserting the drain-detacher tool within the drain and then lock up the tool in between the metal cross sections at the drain base. If in case the users are not having the drain detacher tool then they need to insert the plier head within the cross-section and then place the screwdriver in between the handle.
  • Rotate The Handle: Then rotate the handle on the screwdriver or the drain-detacher tool in the counterclockwise direction. Then the users need to apply the immense pressure so as to break down the seal on the old plumber putty.
  • Unfasten The Screws: Then unfasten the screws till it pulls down the pipe beneath. Then they need to examine the drain so as to check the crack signs or any other kind of damage. If in case the users find out any kind of damage then they need to replace it with the new one.
  • Scrape Off Putty: After that, they need to scrape off the pre-existing putty within the pipe thread corners of the drain by using the putty knife or the stiff brush. Then allow the hot water to run within the thirty seconds so as to clean off the surface. Then let the drain to get dried off completely.
  • Roll The Putty Ball: The users need to roll a one-inch putty ball in hand and then string it to about five inches long. Then wrap the putty string all around the pipe threads central portion by pressing it gently so as to adhere the string of the putty with the drain walls.
  • Roll Another Putty String: Then roll down another putty ball into the 1/4 inch putty string to near about five inches long. Then wrap down the putty all around the drain lip base where exactly the drain comes in contact with the surface of the tub.
  • Fasten The Drain Pipe: Then the users need to place back the drain within its hole at the bathtub and then fasten it tightly within the pipe of the drain beneath by rotating it in the clockwise direction with the hand. Once the users find out that the drain is fastened then they need to use the tool to make it more fastened till the putty starts to get oozed all around the drain lip corners.
  • Wipe Down The Putty: The users then require to clean off the unneeded putty from the drain lip corners and then again examine it by running the water within it for 1 minute.
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