Bathtub Drain Lever Won't Stay Down: Step By Step Process To Fix A Bathtub Drain That Won't Stay

Step By Step Process & Items Required To Fix A Bathtub Drain That Won't Stay Open To Drain

Usually, most of the bathtubs are having the poped up stopper while as many of them are having the latter that holds up the water when the users will lift up the handle. The handle is united to the heavy plug with the adjustable rods that are also called as the linkage. By lifting up the handle will lower up the plug with the outlet of the drain and will also block up the drain while shifting the handle will lift up the plug so that the water can easily flow. If in case the tub is not properly draining then it would be the problem of having a long linkage and in order to lessen it, the users need to detach it from the tub. The users can easily fix the bathtub drain that won't stay open to drain at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Screwdriver, Coat Hanger, Magnet
  • String And Adjustable Pliers


  • Detach The Cover: Start by detaching the cover overflow within the frontmost tub side by unfastening the screws that are holding this in place by using the screwdriver.
  • Lift Up The Cover: Then lift up the cover within the surface of the tub and then lift the linkage out from the holes. The users will find out that there will be weight affixed to its end. If in case the weight will fell off they need to re-affix it with the pre-existing linkage so as to solve up the draining issues but the users need to fish it outwards. They can easily do this by making the hook with the pre-existing hanger of a coat or by affixing a magnet to the string.
  • Look For The Adjustable Nut: After that, the users need to look for the alternative nut at the U-shaped plate end affixed with the hands if in case the weight is affixed with the linkage. Then they need to swivel this nut in the counterclockwise direction for almost 4 times by using the pliers so as to cut down the linkage.
  • Place Back The Linkage: Finally the users need to place back the linkage within the home and then allow the weight to fall freely. Then place the back cover into the opening and then restore the screws. Then they need to examine the drain by simply filling up the tub and then empty it accordingly.
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