Bamboo Furniture Advantages: General Overview, Benefits & Disadvantages

General Overview

The bamboo wood is eco-friendly as well as the renewable source that grows at fast speed. Bamboo is a wise choice to furnish homes with environment-friendly furniture. Bamboo wood is ideal to construct any types of furniture as it is easy to cut repair and handle.
Is Bamboo Furniture Good For Outdoor Use?
The bamboo furniture comes with less water resistance and should be kept inside during heavy rains. Direct exposure to sunlight should also be avoided to protect the furniture as it will get damage to the harsh sun rays. Try to keep bamboo outdoor furniture placed in a sheltered area away from sunlight. In harsh winters or rainy season, the bamboo outdoor should be properly covered with the waterproof covering. Alternatively, proper coating with outdoor sealant helps the furniture to last for years.

Benefits/ Pros

The various benefits/ pros of using Bamboo furniture are mentioned below:
Endurance: Bamboo possess great endurance to any condition and stays beautiful for years.
Does Not Swell/ Shrink: Bamboo furniture is less prone to swelling and shrinking and it does not get much affected from different climatic conditions.
Strong: Naturally stronger than the other available traditional hardwoods.
Varieties: The bamboo furniture offers infinite designs, styles, stains, and finishes to choose from.
Eco- Friendly: Grows naturally without using chemicals and fertilizers.
Lighter In Weight: The furniture weights lighter than other types of wood and can be moved easily.
Easy To Clean: The furniture can be easily cleaned up using a small broom or clean cloth. Using cleaning agents may damage the furniture.

Disadvantages/ Cons

Prone To Insects: The bamboo furniture most likely get affected by the Mildew and insects such as Worms.
Moisture: Does not withstand in high moisture area.
Scratches: The furniture can get easily scratched.
Water Resistance: Can get damaged with heavy rains or water resulting into the development of the molds on the furniture surface.
Structural Efficiency: The furniture comes with less structural efficiency.
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