Bamboo Flooring Buckling: Causes And Solutions

General Overview

The most common reason behind the wood bucking is the exposure to water or moisture. The buckling basically means the tat the plank is separated from the subfloor. In addition, to the moisture, another reason for the buckling is the too much weight over the floor. In order to fix the buckling issue, it is very important to examine the exact cause of the buckling. The flooring in the homes with the highest humidity have major chances of the buckling.

Causes and solutions

The bamboo flooring buckling is caused by the ample number of the reasons that need to be avoided in order to achieve beautiful and satisfactory results. The steps what causes bamboo flooring to buckle and how to avoid it are mentioned below.

Reason 1- Improper Flooring Installation

The reason behind the bamboo floor buckling can be the improper installation of the floor. In other words, it is very important to install the floor exactly as per the installation directions. To read the maintenance instructions are also recommended to get the best results.

Reason 2- Acclimation Not Done

Another reason behind the buckling can be improper acclimation as that will possibly result in the floor changing and shrinking.
Recommendation To Avoid
The acclimation of the floor for nearly 72 hours is very important in order to make it compatible with temperature changes before installation. It must be noted that for the dry and humid areas the acclimation period must be ten days. Ensure to acclimate the flooring in the area it needs to be installed. Acclimation on concrete floors is not recommended.

Reason 3 - Glue Not As Per Mark

For the accurate installation of the bamboo flooring, it is important to apply the adhesive in a proper manner and uniformly with the help of the right trowel. The application of the vapor barrier glue is recommended to use with the help of the trowel that suits it.

Reason 4 - Unstable Humidity

The bamboo flooring must be done in the areas or homes that have stable humidity for indoors. In case the humidity is unstable then gluing or nailing down the floor is recommended in order to avoid the buckling issue.
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