Baby Safe Paint For Furniture: Child & Spray Paint

General Overveiw

Painting baby furniture might be easy but requires lots of things to take into the account. The thing to consider before painting baby furniture is to test the paint for the lead because it can lead to brain damage in the baby and due to the fact application of the lead-containing paints are banned.

How To Paint Child Furniture?

The main steps to paint the baby furniture includes:
Step 1: Drop the cloth on the ground or space where the paint needs to be prepared.
Step 2: Clean all the furniture properly with the soft cloth prior painting. In the case of the dresser vacuum all the parts entirely.
Step 3: De attach the furniture pieces and complete the sanding process. Sand all the furniture edges. In case the furniture has scratched the application of the wooden furniture is recommended to make the surface smooth. Wait till the putty gets dry according to the manufactures label.
Step 4: Wipe off the furniture with the tack cloth and allow it to dry.
Step 5: Use non-toxic paint on the furniture pieces using a brush or smaller roller.
Step 6: Allow the piece to dry for 48 hours and then attach all pieces.

How Harmful Is Spray Paint For Furniture?

The spray paints are not actually harmful but avoid the contact of the baby once the paint is completely dried. The main side effects of the spray paint can cause the runny nose, throat infection, red eyes, etc.
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