Attach Headboard To Bed Base: Step By Step Process Of Attaching Bed Headboard

Step By Step Process Of Attaching The Headboard To The Bed Base

Attaching a new headboard to the bed is an easy task. Floor-standing or the strutted headboards are both easily attached simply by screwing bolts into the headboard's struts and into the screw holes of the bed. Step by step process of attaching the headboard to the bed base are as follows:

Step 1: Headboard With Struts

  1. Attach The Struts: The first step is to screw down the headboard with struts in the headboard itself. Normally, there will be two drilled holes already in the struts. The user just has to align the 2 holes in each of the struts with the holes that are in the headboard. The headboard holes are under the fabric. Run the finger slowly on the back of the headboard to find out holes. Once they are located then pierce a small hole using a screwdriver in the fabric and fix the struts to the headboard with the help of screws that comes with headboard.
  2. Find The Holes: In this step the user needs to find out the holes that are already drilled into the bed base. There will be drilled holes in the front as well as on the back of the base. The large bolt holes will be easily hidden under the fabric and so the user has to find these first before attaching the headboard. Some of the manufacturers make it very easy for the user to find out the holes, simply by adding stickers to the bed base. If there are no stickers that time run the finger up and down on the back of the base to find out the bolt holes. The important point to remember here is if the base has storage drawers from one side, then the position of the headboard will determine from which side the drawers will open.
  3. Pierce The Bed Base Fabric: Using the screwdriver pierce the fabric so that the user can screw the bolt in it. Screw-in the bolt in the hole. It is advisable to leave about 4cm of the thread visible. Repeat the same process with the other bolt.
  4. Slide The Headboard: Now in this step the user needs to slide the headboard in the exposed part that is between the bed and the bolt, with the help of pronged ends of the struts. While each of the struts is in the right position, tighten up the bolts to fix the headboard firmly.
  5. Adjust The Headboard: The bottom of the headboard must be placed in a way so that it will sit at the top of the mattress. In order to make the adjustment of the height of the headboard, simply loosen the bolts and then lift the headboard up to the desired height. After that tighten the bolts again.

Step 2: Floor-Standing Headboard

  1. Screw Holes: Look for the screw holes that are in the back of the bed's head. If the user will find the bolts there, then remove them. If not, that time purchase the new bolts of the appropriate size for the holes. The floor-standing headboards and the one with struts are attaching nearly in identical fashion.
  2. Stand The Headboard: The struts in the floor-standing headboard are in the headboard itself. This is usually the bottom end. Align the headboard in the upright position right behind the frame's head. Line up the struts with the screw holes which are in the frame. It is advisable that the bottom of the headboard must be flush on the floor.
  3. Secure The Headboard: In the gap of each strut fit a bolt. Screw it down into the screw hole. Tighten the screws all the way, so that the headboard becomes strongly attached to the frame.
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