Applying Polyurethane To Floors With Lambswool: Procedure To Apply

Procedure To Apply Polyurethane To Floors With Lambswool

Lambswool applicator is a stain pad used to apply a clear finish or stain over the large surface. In order to apply oil-based finish to the floors, the user needs to attach pure lambswool to the stain pad. Synthetic fiber or foam attachment should be used to apply the water-based finish. The procedure to apply polyurethane to floors with lambswool is as follows;
  1. Prepare Flooring: The basic step will be to prepare the flooring for the polyurethane finish. First, the user needs to sand the flooring with fine-grit sandpaper in order to remove the existing finish. Alternatively, the user can screen the flooring with a buffer to remove the existing finish. After that, the user needs to vacuum the entire flooring followed by a damp cloth wipe down in the wood grain direction. The step will prevent the flooring from cross-grain streaks and prepare it for the polyurethane finish.
  2. Spread Polyurethane: The next step will be to spread polyurethane finish over the flooring with a lambswool applicator. For the oil-based finish, pure lambswool attachment should be used whereas water-based finish should be applied with foam or synthetic fiber attachment. It has been recommended to start spreading the finish from the extreme end of the flooring and work towards the exit. First, the user needs to pour a line of polyurethane at the corner along the wall that should be minimum 2 inches away from the wall. After that, the user needs to place the applicator over the finish in order to get it saturated before dragging the applicator in the direction of the wood grain.
  3. Repeat To The Entire Flooring: The user needs to spread the polyurethane finish to the entire flooring by turning the applicator rather than lifting it up. It has been recommended to pour more finish as required during the process. Besides that, the user needs to overlap each line of finish over the flooring by 1/3rd of the applicator's width. The hard to reach spots needs to be finished with a paintbrush.
  4. Let The Finish Dry: Once the entire flooring gets a cover of polyurethane finish, the user needs to let the finish dry completely. The oil-based finish gets dry in 12 hours whereas water-based finish dries in about 2 hours. After the finish dries, the user needs to screen the finish with 120 grit sandpaper and a buffer followed by vacuum and wipe down before applying another coat of polyurethane.
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