Amish Furniture Chairs: Brief Overview

Brief Overview

There are several types of Amish Chairs that the customer can get in the market and some of them are mentioned below:
Amish Rocking Chair With Cupholders
This product is constructed of kiln-dried pressure treated pine and contain Contoured and rolled seat for extra comfort. It also has thick slats attached with screws. This product is manufactured in the USA and requires assembly after delivery. It is available in various finishes like Cedar Stain, Dark Walnut Stain, Semi-solid black stain, and semi-solid white stain. Apart from that, you can get it unfinished as well and then, later on, add your own finish on it. This product dimensions are 37 x 24 x 7 inches and it weighs around 38 pounds. You can purchase it directly from Amazon Here.
Kilmer Adirondack Chair, Amish Crafted
This chair is constructed of Western Red Cedar which is naturally resistant to insect, decay, and rot and is suitable for outdoor space. Also, they don't use any nails in its construction as they use only bolts & screws. It is manufactured in the USA and will be shipped directly from its manufacturing unit. This chair comes in the dimensions of 36" tall x 26" wide x 36" deep and it comes unfinished to you. You can purchase it directly from Amazon Here.
Lancaster's Wooden Doll High Chair
This chair is made of Solid Oak Wood with Harvest Stain. This chair is suitable for child use and has a convenient bar which moves up & down in order to provide access and secure placement to your child. You can also place a little food tray on it and it has a heart cutout design on the back. This product comes in the dimensions of 11.5 x 10 x 27 inches and weighs around 13 pounds. You can purchase it directly from Amazon Here.
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