Alternatives To Window Blinds For Privacy: 4 Modern Window Treatments Used As An Alternative For Blinds

4 Modern Window Treatments Used As An Alternative For Blinds

Nowadays there are so many alternative options that can be used instead of the window blinds. The shades have taken up the place of the blinds and they are available in different size dimensions, color finishes, and patterns as well. Usually, the homeowners tend to select the curtains, shades, and fabric valances to decorate their homes. Here are some of the modern window treatments that can be used as the alternative to blinds:

1. Roller Shades

The roller shades offer a simple and sleek appearance that can perfectly match with the modern style design. The roller shades are ideal to get used for the large-sized windows that usually require minimal treatment. Most of the users choose these kinds of shades in the room where they are having the large windows or they are having a beautiful view. These kinds of rollers usually get disappeared when they are rolled up as they are hidden at the valances back or the headrails and they eventually come up in various finishes that can easily complement their office and the home space. These kinds of shades offer control of the light and make the versatile lighting scenario.

2. Cellular Shades

The cellular shades offer the look as same as the roller shades but they eventually add up the appealing texture to any kind of the room and also offer the various advantages as well. They are having the honeycomb texture and offer great insulation to the room that can eventually add the energy to any area. These kinds of shades can also be used in the bathroom and in the kitchen area as well. These shades can easily bring the high tech touch to any modern styled rooms.

3. Roman Shades

This kind of shades usually adds warmth touch and is the most common option used instead of the blinds. These kinds of shades are having a traditional setting and take up minimal space in the room. These shades offer the modern style and design to any room area and they are less expensive than the rest of the other shades. These shades can also be customized as per the needs and the requirement of the user.

4. Transitional Shades

They are the best way to offer the bold statement to any room and that too without damaging the lines of the modern style decor. They are usually available in the opaque and the sheer stripes and because of its cool design, these kinds of shades can easily be line up and thus can be partially bound or unbound. They are having the bold strips that usually works best for the large-sized windows that can help the users to create the depth in the room.
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