Alternative Door Ideas: 6 Stylish Alternatives You Can Use Instead Of A Door

6 Stylish Alternatives You Can Use Instead Of A Door

Most of the users do not want the interior doors as they seek another way to maintain privacy in their rooms. There are so many different ways by which the users can accomplish this task including the beads, shades, curtains, and some other items as well. Here are some of the ways that the users can use instead of using the doors:

Way I: Curtained Doorways

This is one of the most aged ways to treat the door by using the curtains. Earlier the curtains were mostly famous for being used for the outside doors so as to trim down on the drafts. Now at present, this kind of style is also used for the interior doorways. The users can easily use the beaded curtains or the simple curtains so as to make the dramatic decor for the room. The curtains are not expensive and are also available in different size dimensions, color finishes, and style variations as well and thus the users can easily choose any curtain as per their taste and requirements.

Way II: Shoji Screens

These kinds of screens can also add a pleasing touch to all kinds of rooms or any other areas. When the users place these kinds of screens in the doorway or they can also install these screens on the track system, the users will get the ultimate privacy that too without having the interior door. These kinds of screens are available in coastal and modern themes.

Way III: Roman Shades

The shades are not only meant for the windows they can also be used to cover the doorways. The shades are available in different styles and the patterns and when the users do not require the privacy then they can easily raise up the screen. In order to attain the contemporary look, the users are advised to use these kinds of shades for their doorways.

Way IV: Folding Screen

The users can easily select from different size varieties, color finishes, and the styles of these kinds of screens. The users are advised to choose a kind of screen that is a bit wide than the width of the doorways so that it will extend easily for attaining maximum privacy. These kinds of screens are also available in fabric, glass, and wood panels.

Way V: String Line

These kinds of strings create a dramatic appearance in the room and it will not only act as the door but also offers colorful decor as well. These kinds of alternatives can easily blend with any design style from the modern to the contemporary styled interior decor.

Way VI: Glitter Tassels

This is one of the most space-saving door alternatives and it will easily bring charm to any home decor. The Glitter tassels can easily maintain the privacy of the users and will also tend to make their home appear to be very elegant.
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