Alberta Furniture: Brief Overview And Contact Details Of Store At Italy

Brief Overview

Alberta Furniture was founded in the year 1978 in Italy's northeast land, the company deals with the timeless collection of the sofas, armchairs and exclusive interior design pieces. Their all the furniture is made form the extraordinary raw materials that are carefully selected so that the user can enjoy the furniture for long period of time. The company's main value includes the detailing of every corner and intelligent innovation. The company product collections include the black collection, orange, Controluce, etc. If the customer wishes to explore more collections please click on Products.
Contact Details
Address Details: Via Toniolo, 4131028 Vazzola (TV) Italy.
Directions: To get the directions please click on Directions.
Phone Number: +39 0438 440440
Fax Number: +39 0438 441555
Email Support: The customers can also mail them at
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