Alan Grainger Acorn Furniture: Products

Alan Grainger Acorn Man Furniture Products

Here are some of the examples of Alan Grainger Acorn Man Furniture:
  1. Alan Grainger Acorn Man Coffee Table: The frame of this product is made up of oak material and is having a natural wood grain finish. This product is having the doweled joints and a sturdy base.
  2. Alan Grainger Acorn Man Side Board: The frame of this product is made up of solid oak and includes six drawers with traditional handles and 2 door cabinet for extra storage. The joints of this product are covered by wrought iron.
  3. Alan Grainger Acorn man Trolley: The frame is made up of the selected oak wood and includes a shelf at the top and a small shelf at the base for extra storage. This product is having the rubber caster at the base by which this product can be moved easily.
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