AIS Furniture: Dealers And Offce Furniture Products

General Overview And Dealers

AIS Furniture aims at creating furniture which is eco-friendly. They deal with products like Panel Systems, Benches, Desks, Tables, Storage, Seating and other accessories. They are specialized in creating office furniture and have left a huge impact on the office furniture market. They sell the products at a very reasonable price. Their products have different features. The products last for a very long time. Their office furniture is quite astonishing, their panel systems have different and unique designs and are made of very fine material. They offer the best quality seating, benches, and desks. As the products are eco-friendly in nature they can be recycled later on and used again, hence creating the product to live for a very long time. Installation of this product is easy as AIS furniture has very good and efficient customer service. To know more about installation, please click on Installation. Customer satisfaction is their main priority. They have various designs and features depending on the customers' spaces. They also deal with a variety of fabrics which are of a very unique design, screen laminates, and cushion coverings.
Address: 25 Tucker Drive, Leominster, MA 01453
Contact Number: 978-562-7500
Toll-Free: 800-434-7400.

For Media Inquiries
Contact Number: 978-562-7500

AIS Furniture Show
AIS furniture show is a show where the furniture lover gets to buy their favorite brands. The buyers can find many varieties of furniture. A buyer can find all kinds of furniture there and never return from there with any disappointment. If a buyer wants to visit there he can simply go to,
Address Details: Cranmore Park, Cranmore Avenue, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 4LF.
The AIS shows are also located in Birmingham, UK. U can also find them by simply clicking on AIS show.

AIS Office Furniture

AIS has always produced the best quality office furniture. The AIS office furniture is known to have a good working space and is comfortable as well. They offer office furniture at a very reasonable price, making it affordable for even smaller offices. The best among their office furniture is AIS Divi Panel System. The installation of the panel system is not too difficult as it can be installed very easily and can be used both for individual workspace or group working together. The Divi panel system is affordable and comes in different size options. This panel has a very unique design. To know more about Divi buyer can click on Divi.
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