Air Glider Furniture: Mover

Air Glider Furniture Mover

Air Glider is very useful for the movement of household items, furniture and different kinds of heavy objects from one place to another without getting your floor scratched. Users can utilize it anywhere, either in the homes or can use it for office purposes. With the dimensions of 38.4 x 8.5 x 9 inches and the weight of just 20.5 pounds, the product can be stored even in small spaces. The product requires just 120 volts to function properly and with 2 horsepower can lift heavy objects very easily. The maximum weight that can be lifted by Air Glider is 750 pounds which are good enough.
Where To Buy?
The customers can easily Buy this product through Amazon, where they can search the product and they will get all the features of the product before buying it.
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