Aiden Furniture: Gray, Bedroom Furniture Products And Contact Details

General Overview

AIDAN GRAY HOME INC is one of the head in the home furnishing industry. They follow the European inspired interiors. The European designs gave high-quality sanctification to the customers. They have been raised slogan "Our Details, Your Style". They work with some values that are, they focus on the textural finish, graceful lines,
the understated elegance. They have a vast range of furniture like decor, Garden, Seating, lighting, etc.
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Contact Details Of Aiden Furniture Company

Corporate Address: 2050 Couch Dr, McKinney, TX 75069, USA
General Phone Number: Dial +1 469-568-8700 for any query
Working Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Contact Us: If purchaser is having any query or question they can contact them at Contact Us Page.
Common Questions: How Fast they deliver the products?
They deliver product usually in 1-5 days besides this If any item not ready at the time of shipment that may be back-ordered and will be shipped separately. They ship via UPS Ground that's why a product may take 1-5 days.
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Aidan Gray Furniture

  1. Pale Jade Ecliptic Side Table: This table is made up of material two-toned ox and buffalo bone and it is having textured design, The table is having one circular pattern that runs brings it to added punch that will make table to move easily in the room. The height and the length of the table are H= 27.25 IN, L=18.25 IN.
  2. Chino Gold Side Table: This table is made up of material zinc and iron, It is having golden leaf finishing with the legs and frame, Chino Gold side table are used in cocktails on the loggia or for the coffee by the fireplace in the winter.

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Aiden Bedroom Furniture

  1. Wood And Metal Aiden Bed:This bed is made up of wood and metal.It is having footboard and headboard with side rails and slats.The overall dimensions of the bed is Base: 5.75"H ,Foot board: 67"W x 19"D x 4"H ,Headboard: 68"W x 58"D x 5"H, Floor to top of headboard: 51.75"H ,Side rails and slats: 84"W x 14"D x 6"H King overall: 79.3"W x 84.6"D x 52.2"H, 138.9 lb.
  2. Aiden Twin Bed:This bed is made up of wood with white finishing.It is having ladder-back headboard and clean platform.It has been constructed from solid wood.The total dimensions of the bed is Width: 42 , Height: 35 Depth: 77

Where To Buy:Customers can buy Aidan Bedroom Furniture from buy
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