Against The Grain Furniture Abbotsford: Overview & Contact Details Of Store Locations


Against The Grain Furniture Abbotsford has always been known for creating concepts, They specialize in Custom Creations, Reclamation, Repurposing. They also made the customized furniture so that the customer can get their dream furniture in reality, they have been working since 1996 and was founded in Southern CA. Their products are made with high-quality material so that the customer can get peace of mind for a long period of time. If in any case, the customer needs repairment or exchange they can easily do so within six months without any cost from the date of purchase, to claim the warranty the customer needs to show the proof of purchase, for example, a sales receipt.

Caring For Your Furniture And Store Locations In Woodstock GA And Kenosha, WI

The customer needs to remember that wood is a natural product that can change according to climate. Wood Will change its shape like it will expand and contract slightly throughout the year. It is advisable that the customers should not use the All Purpose Cleaning Spray. Simply Dip the clean Cloth in mild soap and water. Wring the cloth nearly to dry and wipe the area which needs cleaning. After that, the customer needs to Dry it Immediately.
Oil Polishes & Furniture Oils
The products with high oil exposure catch the dust more frequently than others so that the customer must use bee wax to clean it after every 6 months to maintain its grace and shine.
Email Support: The customer can mail at

Against The Grain Furniture Woodstock GA
Address: 520 Industrial Dr. Unit B4, Woodstock, GA 30189.
Phone Number: (770) 855-5465.

Against The Grain Furniture Kenosha, WI
Address: Kenosha, WI
Phone Number: 262-764-9366
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