Affordable Vintage Furniture: Los Angles & NYC Stores With Contact Information

General Overview

Vintage Style Furniture refers to a furniture type which is not more than 100 years old as furniture products which are 100 or more years old, they are known as Antique furniture products. It is the type of furniture which is manufactured in the 20th century but can be from any period and year. Here Are Some Examples Of The Vintage Style Furniture:
Circo Vintage Style Storage Chest: It is elegantly styled furniture product that is usually made of wood, veneers, and metal. It is having a pure walnut finish with colorful accents that is having bold drawers fronts.
Vintage Drafting Table: It is having an antique and uniques design and finish that is made of solid hardwood. The best thing about this is its assembly as it is easy to assemble. It is having a contemporary and durable product.
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Where to buy Affordable Vintage Furniture In Los Angles And NYC?

Los Angeles Store:
If the customer is looking for Affordable Vintage Furniture in Los Angles then they can visit a store namely Loveseat Vintage Furniture. It is a store where the customer can buy furniture products for beds, chairs, desks, dressers, sofas, and home decor at reasonable wages. It is having different styles of furniture like American, traditional, and contemporary.
Address: 2445 E 12th St Unit C, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Phone Number: (213) 444-1529
Working Hours: Monday To Friday 11:00 AM To 5:00 PM, Saturday And Sunday 11:00 AM To 5:00 PM.

NYC Store:
If the customer is looking for Affordable Vintage Furniture in NYC then he can visit a store namely Open Air Modern. It is a store where the customer can buy Accesorries and furniture products like lighting, dressers, outdoor, seating, and tables at reasonable wages.
Address: 489 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone Number: (718) 383-6465
Working Hours: Monday To Wednesday Closed, Thursday To Saturday 12:00 PM To 6:00 PM, Sunday Closed.
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