Affordable Unfinished Wood Furniture: Brief Overview

Brief Overview

There are a number of Unfinished Wood Furniture products which are inexpensive and are being sold at cheap rates. One of the product from an extensive range is mentioned below:
Cheap Unfinished Wood Dresser: In this category, the customers will get International Concepts Dresser which comes with 6 drawers and in unfinished condition. It is ready to be applied any finish on it and its drawers come with euro glides. This product is 3.9" high from the ground level and has a Butcher Block Top. This dresser comes in the dimensions of 16.5 x 57.3 x 32 inches and weighs around 130 pounds. The customers can purchase this product directly from the Amazon.

Cheap Unfinished Wood Chairs
In the cheap unfinished wood chairs category, there are various chairs of a similar nature in the market and an example is mentioned below:
International Concepts Tall Mission Chair: This product is made of durable hardwood and comes in an unfinished condition. The wood density is 7+ and comes in ready to assemble form. The product dimensions are 22 x 17.9 x 40 inches and weight is around 44 pounds. You can purchase this product directly from the Amazon.

Where To Buy Cheap Unfinished Table Legs?
Amazon carries a wide range of unfinished table legs in different designs & sizes. Some of the table design legs they carry are mentioned below:
Unfinished Oak Queen Anne Wood Furniture Table Legs: This item comes in a set of 4, its length is 11 3/4" along with 2 unthreaded dowel holes and its bottom is 1 1/4" wide. It is suitable for cabinets, tables, chairs, etc.
Knotty Pine Island Farm Legs: It comes in a set of 4 and has a length of 29" x 3 1/2. It also comes in unfinished condition on which you can apply any type of finish.
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