Advice On Painting Wood Furniture: Tips

Tips On Painting Wood Furniture

1. Get the furniture ready to be painted by placing it in on a piece of cloth on the floor and remove the essential hardware

2. Use sand-paper to rub the furniture surface with and remove any residue left after sanding the furniture surface.

3. Use primer on the rubbed furniture surface. Allow the primer to dry before moving on.

4. After the primed surface has dried sand it with fine-grit sandpaper.

5. Apply additional coats of primer and lightly sand between the coats also.

6. Paint the wooden furniture with latex or other indoor paint available.

7. Sand between coats of paint by going over it with fine-grade sandpaper after each coat has dried.

8. Add new hardware or replace the old hardware of furniture.

9. Let the furniture rest for two or three days.
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