Advantages Of Upholstered Furniture: Pros & Cons(Disadvantages)

General Overview

An Upholstered Furniture is the combination of Style, Luxury & Comfort and has an increasing demand due to its Ambience. Any Furniture can be considered upholstered when it is enclosed in Fabric or Leather and it also offers various cushions with Foam. Besides Leather & Fabric, it has a Wooden or Steel frame with cushions being arranged at the top above springs. An Upholstered Furniture can be of many types such as Sofas with different seating spaces, couches, dining & living room chairs, and many other furniture products.
How To Choose An Upholstery Fabric For The Furniture?
The Fabric with the following features is ideal for the Upholstery Furniture:
  • First, check the number of runs it has completed on the abrasion test which must be above 15,000 for residential use.
  • Fabrics which are Woven are durable than printed ones.
  • Also, choose Fabric having tight weaves.
  • "Olefin" fabrics are generally more durable.

Pros & Cons Of Upholstered Furniture


Appearance: An Upholstered Furniture is elegant & stylish in appearance compared to other furniture types. It can also coordinate well with any fine wood furniture.
Comfort: The seating of an Upholstered Furniture is comfortably padded compared to wood, metal, and plastic seating.
Style: An Upholstered Furniture can be of two style options i.e., traditional or modern with wooden upholstered furniture are traditional & the straight-backed fabric covered are modern.
Range: The wide range options are available while making a selection of Fabrics, Colors, Patterns & Textures of an Upholstered Furniture with options like velvets, wool blends, cotton, silks, etc in Fabrics and neutrals to accent shades in color options.
Cleaning: As Upholstered Furniture is highly durable, it is necessary to clean it on regular intervals which can be done with a damp cloth or with any type of stain remover. Also, an upholstery shampooer can be used to Clean an Upholstered Furniture.
Re-upholstery: Once the Home Decor is changed, an Upholstered Furniture can be Reupholstered so that it can meet the look & design of the Home Decor. The Re-upholstery can even be done on the Antique Upholstered Furniture pieces in order to give them a Fresh look.


Natural Effects: By Sunlight & Moisture, An Upholstered Furniture can easily get susceptible to damages.
Wear & Tear: An Upholstered Furniture may wear & tear during high pressure while being attacked by the kids or pets.
Staining: If the water penetrates the fabric especially dirty water, it will show staining when completely dry.
Flammable: Upholstered Furniture can easily be flammable if it is not treated with the flame retardants.
Wrinkle & Soil: Cotton & Linen products can wrinkle & soil if they are not sprayed with stain resistant products.
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