Advantages Of Teak Furniture: Wood

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teak Wood Furniture

  • Very Strong: It is a strong wood that is obtained from the broad leaved deciduous trees.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: It has a very attractive and the beautiful grain pattern which is combined with the rich golden-brown color.
  • Very Durable: If the teak wood is cared properly it can last for many years to come, and this is the reason there is still teak wood furniture available at the antique shops.
  • Natural Resistance To Termites And Insects: It has the natural oil which protects it from the insects, fungal stains.

  • Very Expensive: The major drawback of the teak is that it is very expensive, the reason for this is illegal cutting down of the teak wood tree.
  • Hard To Find High-quality Wood: It is very hard to find the genuine teak wood and requires so much of the experience.
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