Advantages Of Softwood: Pros & Cons

Softwood is a versatile kind of a wood that can be used in manufacturing different types of furniture items. Using softwood in furniture making gives it a beautiful, stunning and seamless finish as well as gorgeous look. Cedar, Douglas fir, Pine & Hemlock are some of the examples of softwood that can be used in making furniture. There are several pros as well as cons in using softwood in furniture making and some of them are mentioned below:

Pros & Cons Of Softwood

Softwood has many pros and few cons which are mentioned below:


Some of the pros/advantages of softwood are mentioned below:
  • Workability: The most important benefit of using softwood for furniture making is that it is very easy to use and work with and can be used with wide range of applications.
  • Sustainability: When compared to hardwood, the growth of softwood is much faster and are known to be a renewable source.
  • Cost: As far as the cost of softwood is concerned, they are very cheap when compared to hardwood as they are very easy to be sourced.


In addition to advantages, softwood have few cons as well mentioned below:
  • Density: Softwood has a very less density as compared to hardwood which means it is weak and has less durability. However, there are some softwood with hard options such as Juniper and Yew which can be used for higher density.
  • Longevity: This type of wood is not suitable for areas having very high traffic.
  • Fire Resistance: Softwood is not fire resistant, so it needs to be treated in order to make it fire resistant.
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