Advantages Of MDF Wood: Pros & Cons Of MDF Wood Board

Advantages & Disadvantages Of MDF Wood Board

MDF(Medium-density fibreboard) is an engineered wood product. The MDF wood is used for manufacturing indoor furniture products. The advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below:


The advantages of MDF wood are listed below:
  1. The MDF wood furniture is less expensive than plywood.
  2. It has a regular surface on which the user can easily paint.
  3. It has smooth edges and does not contain splinters.
  4. Due to its smooth surface it is easy to cut the MDF wood into different designs.


The disadvantages of MDF wood are given below:
  1. It is a particle board.
  2. As it is a particle board it is recommended to use oil based primer on it.
  3. It does not hold screws tightly.
  4. It is very heavy to carry.
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