Adjustable Furniture Dolly Roller: Stalwart, Telescopic

Adjustable Furniture Dolly Roller is a dolly roller on which you can carry your furniture or other heavy items from one place to another. You can also adjust the size of it according to the size of the object which you want to place on it. There are various Adjustable Furniture Dolly Rollers available in the market and an example of one of them is mentioned below:

Stalwart Adjustable Sized Telescopic Furniture Dolly Roller

Stalwart mobile dolly roller is made of 4 sturdy stainless steel poles & 4 sturdy PVC pieces and adjust from 21 inches to 31 inches from all sides. It can move products weighing 220lbs whether furniture or appliance. It also contains 4 rubber swivel wheels with which you can move it from place to place smoothly and also two of them can lock by flipping the witch so that the dolly would not move without your knowledge. Its height from the ground is 3.75" and its weight is around 4.59 pounds. You can purchase this product directly from Amazon Here.
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