Adhesive Vs Non Adhesive Shelf Liner: Comparison Between Adhesive & Non Adhesive Shelf Liner

Important Comparison Between The Adhesive And Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner

Both types of the shelf liner are getting used on large scale, but to make the right choice and if the user is not able to decide about which one to go for, then they can read out some of the highlights of both of them to make the right choice:


  • When it comes to the point of choosing the shelf liner, the adhesive shelf liner has durability as well as is practicality strong. The adhesive liner is mostly found to have something decorative especially for the open shelving but oftentimes.
  • This shelf liner is also very easy to peel for the installation. It is clear as well as very basic, but it makes the job done and besides that, it has an affordable price point.
  • As this shelf liner is adhesive, which in turn means that it will always stay in its place no matter what kind and how much load is onto it. Despite all that, it has the water-based glue means that it is also possible to reposition the adhesive liner as well as remove it easily, it is the best choice for rental homes.
  • If in case the size is not quite right, then the back of this shelf liner has a grid so that the user can cut the paper to fit it accordingly.

Non-adhesive Shelf Liner

  • Though not adhesive, but these kinds of shelf liners are the game-changers for refrigerator shelves as well as for drawers & this is because they are machine-washable.
  • There is no point in denying that the fridge is a space that is prone to spills as well as crumbs, this way these shelf liners will help the user to save a lot of time. Just simply cut them according to the needed size of the shelves and drawers, fill up space, then after some, it can be removed to wash periodically.
  • These kinds of shelf liners also work great in the bathrooms or in the laundry rooms, where cosmetics, as well as other products, can occasionally spill or even get a leak. As these kinds of the shelf liners are removable so that the user can change the look of the shelf whenever they like, in adhesive liner they can also be removed but still, then the shelf needs to be properly cleaned to remove the glue, in nonadhesive case it is simple and quick.
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