Adelaide Hills Furniture: Second Hand, Removals, Restoration & Outdoor Stores

Adelaide Hills Second Hand Furniture stores

Here are some of the second-hand furniture stores in Adelaide Hills:
  1. Secondhand Interior Furniture: This store is filled with great furniture products and other home decor accessories. They provide their products at minimal rates.
    Address: 35 Raglan Ave, Edwardstown SA 5039, Australia.
    Phone Number +61 8 8351 1522
  2. The Buyers Market: This store is having a good collection of used antique furniture products and home decor accessories. They also particularize in the huge collection of dressers, beds, Chests, and Cabinets.
    Address: 447 Magill Rd, St Morris SA 5068, Australia.
    Phone Number +61 8 8431 2493

Adelaide Hills Furniture Removals stores

Here are some of the Furniture removal stores in Adelaide Hills:
  1. Five Star Removals: This store particularize in transferring all your belongings like home furnishing products and equipment to your new destination. They are having the experience of handling any kind of antique or vintage products with safety.
    Phone Number +61 8 8381 6505
  2. Budget Furniture Removals: This store provides all kind of removal and wrapping services for your home and office furnishing items at minimum wages. They will transfer your belonging anywhere within Australia.
    Phone Number +61 410 644 226

Adelaide Hills Furniture Restoration stores

Some of the Furniture restoration stores in Adelaide Hills are given below:
  1. Adelaide French Polishers: This store offers all kind of furniture related services like reconstruction and renovation of any kind of damaged furniture product. They even offer their customers with French polishing service for their antique furniture item.
    Phone Number +61 8 8165 3886
  2. Suburban French Polishers: This store particularize in all kind of reconstruction, refinishing and mending of all kind of antique and vintage damaged furniture product.
    Phone Number +61 8 8331 1601

Adelaide Hills Outdoor Furniture stores

There are many Outdoor Furniture stores in Adelaide Hills and some of them are as follows:
  1. The Flower Garden: They are having a wide collection of international branded furnishing products for your outdoor spaces. They are having amazing customer service including fast and flexible delivery.
    Phone Number +61 8 8363 5144
  2. Transforma: They are having a huge collection of contemporary styled furniture products for your outdoor areas. They usually offer their products at fewer rates than the actual market value.
    Phone Number +61 8 8332 4044
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