Act Carpet And Furniture Cleaning: Service, Address & Phone Number

General Overview, Services, Address & Phone Number

Act Carpet And Furniture Cleaning Company offer a cleaning service on both Carpet & Furniture which includes services like upholstery cleaning, Drapes & Blinds cleaning, wall cleaning, water damage, Scotchguard, power wash, and commercial cleaning. They have a team of high quality trained specialists who clean the carpet in a professional way and have the exact knowledge of every carpet because different carpets need different cleaning techniques. The customer can accept the efficient services at very affordable prices.
Do They Offer Commercial Cleaning Service?
Yes, they also offer commercial cleaning services. All of their residential services are also available for commercial spaces, so the customer can simply contact them for commercial services also.

Address: Streer Abgeles, 3457 W 73rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90043, United States.
Phone Number: +1 213-393-7487.
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