Acrylic Wood Furniture: Brief Overview

Acrylic Wood Tables

Some of the examples of Acrylic Wood Tables are:
  • Twin Wood Acrylic Coffe Table: The base of the item is constructed of durable acrylic material and its top surface consists of solid wood and is having a finish of rich golden color. This item can be used for both commercial as well as residential purposes.
  • Acrylic Dining Table: The base of this item is composed of acrylic material and its top surface is made of solid wood and is having a dark rustic finish. The legs of this item are beautifully carved and this item is having an industrial style.

Acrylic Finish & Spray Paint

Water build Acrylic finish is best for wood furniture because of the following properties:
  • These finishes are having a light appearance and dehydrate quickly than the rest of other finishes.
  • These Finishes are having a low odor content and provides a crystal clear layer of finish to an item.

Spray Paint
Some of the examples of Acrylic Spray Paint For Wood Furniture are:
  • Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Acrylic Spray: This item is made up of 100% acrylic material and is suitable for interior as well as for exterior surface of an item. This item is an ideal finish to be used on Plastic and metal.
  • Bosny Acrylic Spray Paint: This item is made up of 100% pure acrylic material and is highly durable and all weather resistant. This item provides a high gloss finish on furniture items.

How To Paint Wood Furniture With Acrylic Paint?

Follow the below-given steps in order to paint the furniture with acrylic paint:
  • Firstly, clean the furniture by using a soap solution and a soft sponge. After that, rinse the furniture item with clean water and make it dry by using a soft cloth.
  • Use sandpaper over the surface of the item in order to remove the old finish and use a damp cloth to remove all the dust over the surface.
  • Apply a thin layer of water built acrylic paint by using a brush and let it dry in an open air.
  • And at last apply a thin layer of finish and allow it to dry for a period of 24 hours.
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