Acrylic Vs Fiberglass Bathtub: Comparison Between Acrylic & Fiberglass Bathtub

Comparison Between The Acrylic And The Fiberglass Bathtub

Both the Acrylic and the Fiberglass tubs are considered among the best options of the bathtub. Both of the tubs are considered as the modern type of tubs that can easily add up the glam and charm to any bathroom. The comparison based on certain important factors are defined as follows:


The tubs made up of the acrylic material usually costs between the $500 and $1,200 and similarly the tub made up of the fiberglass cost between the $300 and $500. This eventually defines that the tubs made up of the acrylic material are very costly than the fiberglass tub. If the users are looking for a cheap tub then they are advised to purchase the fiberglass tub. The major difference between both of the tubs in terms of cost is that the fiberglass tubs can be manufactured easily than the acrylic tubs.


The fiberglass tubs are less heavy than the tubs made up of the acrylic material. The actual weight of the acrylic tubs is near about 100lbs and the weight of the fiberglass tubs is near about 70lbs.


Usually, the tubs made up of fiberglass can last for almost fifteen years while the acrylic tubs are having the capability of lasting for near about thirty years and the main reason behind this is that the fiberglass is brittle and thinner than the acrylic tubs. The fiberglass is commonly crafted from the minute glass stings that are togetherly woven so as to form one hard material and while the acrylic material is like the plastic material that is melted and then poured so as to get the shape of the tub.

Repairing Ease

The fiberglass tubs can be repaired easily than the tubs made up of the acrylic material. If any scratch occurs upon the surface of the fiberglass tubs the users can easily repair it while as if the scratch occurs on the acrylic tub surface then it will become more difficult to fix this up.

Easy Cleaning

The Acrylic tubs can be cleaned easier than the fiberglass tubs as with the acrylic like finish the users only need to use the material like the soap and the vinegar and the users can also use the harsh chemical cleaner on the acrylic tubs rather than using it on the fiberglass tubs.
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