Acrylic Tops For Furniture: Tables (Clear, Stone & Round Dining)

Acrylic Tops For Tables (Clear, Stone & Round Dining Table)

Acrylic Furniture products are safe & secure for every type of commercial and residential usage. Acrylic also comes with charming and adorable looking Acrylic table tops. The famous brands of Acrylic table tops are Acrylite, Plexiglass, Perspex, and Lucite. All of the table tops are water resistant. Acrylic furnishes all its table tops with thermoplastic also called synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate. Some of the examples of Acrylic tops for tables available in the market are given below:
  • Clear Round Table Tops: This table top is round in shape and comes in a 12" Pack of 6. This product weighs around 6.67 pounds and in order to purchase this product, the customer can visit the Amazon's Clear Round Table Tops page.
  • Acrylic Stone Top Kitchen: This table top comes in all sizes. This water-resistant stone top for kitchen are tremendous for the kitchen methods. Other quartz stone tops for the kitchen are also at sale offer at Acrylic.
  • Resort Contract Acrylic Round Dining Table Tops: This table comprises of rust-free aluminum frames and flexible acrylic tops.
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