Acrylic Lounge Furniture: Products

Acrylic Lounge Furniture Products

Some of the Acrylic Lounge Furniture products available in the market are:
Acrylic Lounge Chair: It is a curve shaped chair fully made from 100% clear acrylic. It is UV-resistant and is comfortable for everyone.
Kartell LCP Acrylic Chaise Lounge Chair: It is a chair same as above but it is folded from the bottom which means it doesn't contain any space for legs and only customer can sit on it.
Acrylic Lounge Chair Metal Chairs With Arms Lucite Bathroom Vanity Stool: This is a stool type chair which is made from both metal and Acrylic. It is actually a whole Acrylic chair but in order to connect all the Acrylic pieces, metal has been used. Apart from that, its seating is made of fiber.
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