Acrylic Furniture Risers: Clear Acrylic Set & Bed Set

General Overview, Clear Acrylic Risers Set & Bed Risers set

Furniture Riser refers to an object by which a user can rise his furniture upwards for a few inches or even feet. The user can use it on all kinds of furniture as some people prefer furniture a little higher than normal. There are furniture risers available in various types of materials which includes acrylic as well. In Acrylic material, some of the furniture risers are mentioned below:
Clear Acrylic Risers Set: This product has a Sturdy acrylic base and has a vinyl coated wire at the top in order to protect furniture from scratches. This product comes in three sets with size dimensions of 3", 4", and 5". This product is made by GIBSON HOLDERS and in order to purchase this set, simply visit the Amazon's Clear Acrylic Riser Set page.
Bed Risers Set: This product made of unbreakable plastic and can raise the bed's height in order to make space underneath. It can take weight up to 1,200 lb. The user is required to remove casters before use and in order to purchase this product, visit the Amazon's Bed Risers Set page.
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