Acoustic Office Furniture: Screens Panels & Office Furniture Melbourne

General Overview

Acoustic Office Furniture products are manufactured in order to solve the noise problem in the offices. These furniture products provide privacy. There are a number of acoustic furniture products available in the market. One of the acoustic furniture product is mentioned below:
Acoustic Lounge Seating: This product is mostly suitable for smaller areas that provides a semi-private space. It seems to be beneficial for office use. It is available in different fabrics and finishes. The most important thing about the product is its comforts and its versatility.

Acoustic Screens Office Furniture

Here are some of the examples of Acoustic Screens Office Furniture:
  1. Gridline Partitioning: It is available in different colour finishes and can be installed within no time. It is environment friendly and is re-usable.
  2. Freestanding Acoustic Screen: This type of screen is used to section office space. It can be installed easily and are made up of pinnable fabric. These screens are also available in different dimensions and color variations.

Acoustic Panels & Office Furniture Melbourne

Here are some of the examples of acoustic panels office furniture:
  1. Geo Acoustic Wall Panels: These are light weighted panels and are sound absorber. These panels are having a geometric pattern all over its surface area. These panels help in reducing the interior sounds of offices.
  2. Village Acoustic Wall Panels: These panels are suitable to use in offices, cafes, and restaurants. They are ideal to use as a soundproof barrier in the frequency around 500 Hz.

Acoustic Office Furniture Melbourne
There are many Furniture stores in Melbourne that are having all kind of acoustic furniture items and here are some of them:
  1. Rockdale Office Furniture: They offer the best, hard-wearing and guaranteed office furniture items and their related accessories at compatible rates.
    Address: F7/289 Flinders LN, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
    Phone Number: 1300 613 710
  2. Melbourne Office Furniture: They are having a great selection of office furnishing items. Throvide the fast delivery services and their staff members are very helpful and friendly.
    Address: 45 Bayside Ave, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia
    Phone Number: +61 3 9646 4708
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