Acid Stripping Furniture: Overview, How To Neutralize

General Overview

Acid Stripping is a technique through which Customer can take out the old paint from their furniture. In this process, the Customer can dip the furniture in a chemical and then take it out. After that, they rub the paint out of it and then dip it into warm water and then repeat the process till all paint will be off from Customers furniture. After that, they let it dry up completely and after that, Customer can put on a new coat of paint on it.

How To Neutralize Wood After Acid Stripping?

Customer needs to follow these steps in order to Neutralize Wood After Stripping:
  • Customer need to soak steel or rag in turpentine till it gets saturated and then apply it on the surface in order to neutralize the paint
  • Then Customer need to mix vinegar with water both in equal proportion and rub it on the surface in order to neutralize caustic paint removers.
  • Then Customer need to neutralize solvent paint strippers with mineral spirits.
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