Achieving Distressed Look Furniture: Steps

Steps To Achieve Distressed Look To Your Furniture

If the customers are looking to Achieving Distressed Look Furniture then there are a number of ways that they can use to achieve that look. The customer doesn't need to go to the markets or garage sales to get the distressed gems. In fact, the customer can make the existing furniture at home to look like they have been passed down for a long time. Here are some of the steps that customer can use to make their existing furniture look old:
Prepare Your Space: First of all, the customer should remove all the knobs or metal hardware from the furniture.
Sand And Clean The Piece: Then the customer needs to sand the furniture, if the furniture is painted or polished then it needs more sanding or if it is unfinished then less sanding.
Paint The Piece: Apply the two colors one for the base and if the customer wants wood peeking then use one paint color.
>Distress The Piece With Sandpaper And Steel Wool: Once the paint is fully dry then use the sandpaper and steel wool to remove some of them.
Apply Polyurethane: At last, apply polyurethane to protect the color or colors.
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