Accoya Street Furniture: UK(United Kingdom), Netherlands And USA, Privacy Policy

Brief Overview About The Privacy Policy Of The Company

The privacy policy of the company applies to any mobile and online website that displays this policy. The information that they collect includes the Name, Email, Address and Phone numbers of the customers. If the customers agree only then they will share their data with their business partners and other affiliates of the company. The company uses the data of the customers for the following reasons:
  1. To communicate with their customers and providing them with customer services.
  2. To send the information about their changed policies or terms.
  3. To monitor the use of their websites and other online services.
  4. To investigate any complaints that they have received from their customers.

Accoya Furniture Company In UK(United Kingdom), Netherlands, And USA Contact Details

Accoya Furniture United Kingdom
Address: Accsys Group, Brettenham House, 19 Lancaster Place, London, WC2E 7EN
Phone Number: +44 (0)207 4214300

Accoya Furniture Netherlands
Address: Westervoortsedijk 73, 6827 AV Arnhem
Phone Number: +31 (0)26 320 1400

Accoya Furniture USA
Address:5000 Quorum Drive #620, Dallas, Texas 75254
Phone Number: +44 (0)207 4214300
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