Accoya Furniture: Garden & Street

General Overview Of Accoya Garden And Wood Street Furniture

Accoya furniture products are one of the high-performance modified wood products by "Accsys Technologies". It has been proven the perfect choice for furniture. Created from sustainably-sourced wood, Accoya undergoes a proprietary, non-toxic acetylation process that permanently modifies the wood to the core. The Accoya products are environment-friendly with durability, dimensional stability, and beauty that matches or exceeds even in the best tropical hardwood.
Accoya Garden Furniture
It has been used for Exterior furniture, like a designed bench, school benches, mobile canteen bench, etc. It is superior in all forms of wood and is also used for public benches, parks and also in the places where people meet. This type of furniture is also used in the outdoor spaces of the customers home mostly in gardens.
Accoya Wood Street Furniture
It is known for its outstanding durability and stability. Accoya street furniture deals with urban furniture, street bench furniture, etc. It is designed with perfection. Accoya street furniture is highly stable.

Accoya Furniture Contact Details
Address: Accsys Group, Brettenham House, 19 Lancaster Place, London, WC2E 7EN
Phone Number: +44 (0)207 4214300
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