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Bedroom Furniture Care

The products of the company have been finished with the highest quality Wattyl finishes and are designed to provide long-lasting protection under normal use. Follow the below-given instruction to maintain the care of the bedroom furniture:
  1. Dusting: You must use a soft dry cloth or a feather duster only.
  2. Spillages: You must use a soft damp cloth to clean all the spillages.
  3. Greasy Marks: You must use a soft damp cloth with a no-abrasive cleaner to wipe up all the greasy marks on the surface of the furniture product.

While there are some of the precautions that you must follow to maintain the proper care of your bedroom furniture and here are some of them:
  1. Always use resting mats under the hot food to prevent severe heat damages.
  2. Never use any furniture finish that contains silicon because silicon may cause permanent damage to the coating.
  3. Never store your furniture in any damp environment as moisture can damage the furniture product.
  4. Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight as the direct exposure of UV rays can cause the fading of furniture color.

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