Accents For Gray Furniture: Home Decor, Paint Ideas

Home Decor For Gray Furniture

The grey color is widely used by interior designers nowadays, there are so many ways that one can use to decorate the grey furniture. Some of the ideas are given below:
  • One can try for yellow accents like yellow through pillows on gray couch.
  • If the furniture of the room is grey then another idea is to use grey flooring and lead grey walls, pink and lime accessories will bring the look alive.
  • The customer can go for the Bright and grey living room, one can try for bight zingy colors like red, orange, etc.

Paint Ideas For Gray Furniture

Getting the right paint gray furniture can be a difficult task but with proper planning and expert advice it can look more elegant here are some of the ideas:
  • Check The Light: While selecting the paint idea check the direction toward room is oriented. The customer can go for red works with green-gray, Peach works with blue-gray, and yellow-green works with purple.
  • Follow The Ratio Rules: The universal rule for coloring is 60-30-10 , which means the main color should be 60%, secondary 30 %, and the accent color should be 10 %.
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