ACCA Furniture: Overview, Phone Number, Address & Email Support

General Overview, Phone Number, Address & Email Support

ACCA is a Church-related organization which provides help to low-income families by providing them food, furniture, rental assistance & various other services. The accept donations as well in the form of food, furniture, and other monetary donations.
How ACCA Furniture Works?
First, they receive a donation from people then they deliver donated furniture to families through their volunteers who are in need of it without charges in areas of Bailey’s Crossroads, Annandale and Culmore. The donated furniture is stored at a building which is donated by Annandale United Methodist Church and at storage area provided to ACCA by Fairfax County.
How To Become A Part Of ACCA Furniture?
The person can become a part of ACCA Furniture either by donating furniture or becoming a volunteer. He needs to contact them for either of the two reasons on or directly call them on 703-256-9513.
How To Contact ACCA Furniture
Address Annandale Christian Community For Action 7200 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003.
Phone Number 703-256-0100.
For Donations (except Furniture) 571-398-4362
For Furniture Donations 703-256-9513
Note: For further assistance, contact Fairfax County Coordinated Service Planning on (703) 222-0880.
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