Acacia Wood Vs Sheesham Wood: Comparison

Comparison Between Sheesham Wood And Acacia Wood

Sheesham Wood

The Sheesham wood grows in the Sub-Himalayan areas. In the dry areas, this wood has a height of about 15 meters and in wet areas; the height of this wood can be 30 meters. The properties of the Sheesham wood are given as follows:
  1. Appearance: The sheesham wood is available in various colors like reddish brown, golden brown, etc. This type of wood has dark streaks which enhance the beauty of the furniture product and it looks attractive.
  2. Grain Pattern: This type of wood is hard and tough, it has interlocked grain pattern.
  3. Durability: The Sheesham wood does not get affected by the termites and hence it has high durability and can be used for a longer time.
  4. Workability: It is easy to work on the Sheesham wood with any type of the machinery and thus this property makes the Sheesham wood a better option for making the furniture.
  5. Weight: This wood has heavyweight.

Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is obtained from the acacia trees. This wood is found in Africa, Asia, America, and the Pacific island. Some of the properties of the acacia wood are given below:
  1. Appearance: The acacia wood is having a wide range of colors such as dark red, light brown.
  2. Grain Pattern: This type of wood has a wavy or straight type of grain pattern.
  3. Durability: The acacia wood is fairly durable as compared to other wood materials.
  4. Workability: On this type of wood, working with the hand tools is easy.
  5. Weight: This wood is moderately heavier in weight.
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