Acacia Wood Vs Rubber Wood: Brief Overview

Brief Overview

Acacia Wood

The acacia wood is one of the best wood materials that is used for making the furniture. It is a sturdy wood material and its look appears to be attractive. It is used for manufacturing outdoor furniture products. The important features of the acacia wood are mentioned below:
  1. Weight: The acacia wood is quite heavy. It is thick wood and its weight resembles with the teak wood.
  2. Color: The color of this wood ranges between light brown to dark red.
  3. Moisture Content: This type of wood has a 12% of moisture content. If the acacia wood material is dried properly it can last for a longer time without warping or shrinking.
  4. Strength: This wood is a strong hardwood that can be used while performing the light construction.
  5. Durability: This wood has a long lasting durability but not more than the teak wood.

Rubber Wood

The advantages of the rubber wood are given below:
  1. Soft: The rubber wood is a soft and comfortable material. It is best suitable for living room, bedroom, and playroom.
  2. Durability: If this wood is maintained properly, it can last up to 20 years.
  3. Resistant To Fire And Burns: This wood is non-toxic and thus does not releases the poisonous fumes in the air.
  4. Low Maintenance: As the wood is stain resistant, it is easy to maintain the rubber wood.
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