Acacia Wood Vs Rosewood: Comparison Between

Comparison Between Acacia Wood & Brazilian Rosewood

Acacia is a type of hardwood that has gained a lot of popularity as it is used to construct furniture products. Besides that, acacia wood is quite attractive, strong, stable, and durable. On the other hand, Brazilian rosewood is also a type of hardwood that is used to construct decorative & furniture items, veneers, and musical instruments. The comparison between Acacia Wood & Brazilian Rosewood as per their properties is as follows;
  1. Appearance: Acacia wood comes in color options ranging from dark red to light brown. The wood can easily be differentiated from sapwood that can be found in yellowish-white color. On the other hand, Brazilian Rosewood varies in color options that range from reddish-brown or light purplish to dark chocolate brown. Besides that, the rosewood comes with dark contrasting streaks.
  2. Texture: Acacia has a very fine texture that is a clear indication that the wood comes with a smooth finish. Due to the property, acacia wood is used to construct decorative items. On the other hand, Brazilian Rosewood has coarse to the medium and uniform texture that include medium-sized open pores.
  3. Grain Pattern: Acacia is available in wavy or straight grain patterns whereas rosewood mostly comes in straight grain pattern and occasionally in wavy, spiraled, and interlocked.
  4. Durability: When acacia wood is compared with Brazilian rosewood, its durability is quite low but compared to several other hardwoods, it has high durability. Besides that, rosewood is resistant to decay & insects attack.
  5. Price: The price of Brazilian rosewood is very high compared to acacia wood. The trade of rosewood is highly regulated and its sale is restricted compared to acacia wood that is available around the world making is price quite affordable.
  6. Weight: Acacia wood is lighter in weight than Brazilian rosewood that is quite heavy.
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