Acacia Wood Vs Redwood: Comparison Between

Comparison Between Redwood & Acacia Wood

Redwood or Coast Redwood is a very beautiful wood that is used to construct furniture products such as benches, chairs, and tables. The wood is very popular in giving the wooden structures a rustic appearance. On the other hand, acacia is a hardwood type that is used as an alternate of solid teak wood due to its similar properties. The wood is mostly used to construct outdoor furniture products. The comparison as per the properties of Redwood & Acacia Wood are as follows;
  1. Durability: Redwood is highly durable than acacia wood and has high weather & insects resistance. All the user needs to do is seal the wood with a clear coat sealant and it will last for years & years to come. On the other hand, acacia wood is rated as moderately durable as it cannot last as long as the teak wood. Still, acacia wood can last more than several other types of hardwoods.
  2. Appearance: Redwood color ranges from deep reddish-brown to light pinkish brown whereas acacia wood is available in color ranges between dark red to light brown. Both redwood and acacia wood can easily be differentiated from the pale yellowish-white sapwood.
  3. Wood Grain: The grain pattern of redwood is straight that can become irregular or wavy in the figured wood pieces. On the other hand, acacia wood comes in two-grain patterns i.e., wavy & straight.
  4. Texture: The texture of redwood is coarse that means it has a low natural luster. On the other hand, the fine-textured acacia wood has a smooth finish.
  5. Price: The construction redwood is priced between moderate to high compared to clear & figured redwoods that are much more expensive. On the other hand, acacia wood is moderately priced as it is used as an alternate of teak wood that is quite expensive.

Conclusion: Both Redwood & Acacia Wood are suited for the furniture construction so we leave the selection process to the end-user.
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