Acacia Wood Vs Cypress: Comparison Between

Comparison Between Acacia Wood & Cypress

Acacia is a type of hardwood that is mostly used to construct boats as it can hold up against hard weather conditions. The wood is extremely dense and sustainable as it grows around the world in different regions. The wood is very popular among people due to its beautiful deep tones and high durability. On the other hand, cypress is a wood type that has natural preservation against rot and insects. The wood is not as susceptible as other hardwoods because cypress trees take at least thirty years to reach maturity. Besides that, cypress wood can withstand elements without having any finish applied over it. The comparison between Acacia Wood & Cypress as per their properties is given below;
  1. Durability:Acacia wood is moderately durable as it doesn't last as long as the cypress wood. Cypress is rated high in durability due to it being resistant to decay. Besides that, younger cypress trees are rated moderately durable that can match with the durability of Acacia wood.
  2. Price: The price of cypress wood is quite high as it is not widely available and its trees take at least 30 years to reach maturity. On the other hand, acacia wood is quite inexpensive due to it being widely available around the world in different regions.
  3. Appearance: Acacia wood is available in color options ranging from dark red to light brown that can easily be differentiated from sapwood that is yellowish-white in color. On the other hand, cypress wood comes in light yellowish color. Some wood cypress boards will be darker in color as they are attacked by fungi and are known as called pecky cypress.
  4. Texture & Grain: Acacia wood comes with a fine texture and a smooth finish making it suited for the construction of decorative items. The wood also comes with wavy or straight grain patterns. On the other hand, cypress wood comes with texture ranging from coarse to medium. The wood has unfinished raw surfaces that give a greasy feel. Besides that, the wood comes with a straight grain pattern.
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