Acacia Wood Vs Balau: Comparison

Comparison Between Balau Wood And Acacia Wood

Balau Wood

  1. Color: The color of balau wood depends on the wood species like darker reddish brown, pale straw color, etc.
  2. Grain Pattern: This type of wood has an interlocked grain pattern.
  3. Texture: The texture of balau wood is rough and thus does not have a smooth surface.
  4. Sustainability: This type of wood species belong to Shorea genus. Some of the species are sustainable but the balau wood is not sustainable.
  5. Price: This type of wood is widely available in market. It is moderately expensive.
  6. Strength: It is difficult to work on the balau wood because it has high density.

Acacia Wood

  1. Color: The acacia wood is available in a variety of colors like dark red, light brown, etc. The look of the acacia furniture appears to be attractive.
  2. Grain Pattern: The grain pattern of this wood is wavy or straight.
  3. Texture: This wood has smooth finish with fine texture. Due to this feature it is considered as a best option for decorative woodworking.
  4. Sustainability: The acacia wood furniture is highly sustainable.
  5. Price: This wood is expensive as compared to other hardwoods.
  6. Strength: The acacia wood is strong and can be used for light construction purpose.
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